Whether at one of our Elite villas or not, a key partnership for is the services provided by LAVISH.

LAVISH is a sophisticated world- class event provider, specializing in Greece. LAVISH offers unparalleled lifetime experiences, catering to demanding clientele. LAVISH aims to provide the very best to our clients.

The service provided is bespoke, highly flexible and inventive, the service results oriented and dynamic in its approach. LAVISH prides itself for its professionalism, attention to detail, availability and discretion.


Outstanding turnkey events such as weddings, ceremonies, parties and corporate events.

LAVISH Hospitality

We have priority access to top-class exclusive booking gourmet restaurants, private yachts, shopping trips, award-winning wine trips, etc

LAVISH Concierge

Our customers are allocated a team specifically chosen to enable them get the ultimate service .

All of the above is done in absolute privacy and for that reason we only publish general pictures of our services and never photos from any activity we organize.

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